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Exploring Animal Issues in the Context of Faith 

  • CreatureKind, a faith-based organization that works to help Christians live out Christ's mercy and compassion, offers a six-week course that helps Christians think about what their faith means for animals. It uses video, short readings, and dialogue to help people live out their beliefs. 

  • "Every Living Thing: How Pope Francis Evangelicals and Other Christian Leaders Are Inspiring All of Us to Care for Animals" is a collection of the latest Christian teachings on caring for animals. Published by the Humane Society of the United States, this book is a great resource for group reflection and discussion. Order a copy here

  • For Love of Animals is a short book by Catholic Moral Theologian, Charles Camosy, that examines our responsibility to animals as Christians. It's a great resource for group study and reflection. 

Other Books and Readings 















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