An interview with a Catholic millennial on faith and animal protection

StartFragmentRebecca is a first year student at Sonoma State University where she is majoring in philosophy.EndFragment What prompted you to choose a plant-based diet? At the beginning of my junior year of high school, I began writing a research paper on “Unnecessary Animal Cruelty in Industry” that introduced me to the topic from a scientific standpoint. Then I founded and presided over the animal rights advocacy club at my school beginning of senior year. For the club, I researched every way animal agriculture and animal use affected society. It became my job to know and teach others about these truths and that education allowed me to see the light. For both my own conscience and as an exa

An Open Letter to America Magazine

An Open Letter to America Magazine | This letter is in response to America Magazine's decision to publish an article glorifying the cruel "sport" of bullfighting. The original article is available here. For more information about the suffering of animals used for bullfighting, check out this resource from Humane Society International. Dear America Magazine, The St. Francis Alliance (SFA) writes to share its dismay that a Christian magazine published an article romanticizing bullfighting. SFA is a group of Catholics and other people of good will committed to seeking a just and compassionate world for all creatures. In Laudato Si, Pope Francis wrote, “We have grown up thinking that we were her

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